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23 Jan

Is Zirakpur a Good Place for Real Estate Investment?

The real estate sector in India has blossomed like never before. A wise investment, i.e., at the right time at the right place for the right price, can have a huge impact on your life. A good real estate investment is just like a lottery as it can not only secure your family, but also open a future investment scope. Thanks to the huge economic boom in the popular Indian cities, the average income has crept up, opening a safer window to invest in the real estate sector.In recent years, the city of tomorrow “Zirakpur” is emerging as a dark horse in the real estate sector. It has been a trend that a lot of people in tri-city have been investing their hard earned money in an affordable, safe and reliable property in the form of flats in Zirakpur. Now, you must be wondering, why Zirakpur? So, let’s figure out why Zirakpur continues to attract investments from all over India.Shrinking Tri-cityAlthough Chandigarh has always been a dream place to live for many, its core area is left with almost no space for investment or to accommodate your dream house. A city that’s constantly expanding like Zirakpur, is always a good and safe option to invest.Promising InfrastructureOver the last few years, Zirakpur has managed to surprise its competitor cities by successfully building a huge network of mega infrastructure projects by the best builders in Zirakpur like Royal Business Park, Motia HUYS, Royal Citi, etc. The real estate over here is expected to witness a significant rise as more and more developers and investors are tempted to join this upcoming market hub.Profound PlacementBesides its infrastructural capabilities, Zirakpur is a really nice place to be for too various reasons. The city is composed by the mixture of different cultures and working class, making it a liberal place to live with all the basic amenities around the corner like healthcare centres, schools/colleges, shopping malls, eateries and retail shops. Moreover, it has fabulous connectivity to key locations, nearby tourist destinations and quality of life make it a much-desired place to live.Light on Pocket & High ReturnsWith so many reasons to invest in Zirakpur, the best part is the easy affordability. Whether you need a flat or a rental space, it’s affordable for all. For those looking for property in the city, flats can be bought for a starting price of INR 30 Lacs. As it’s a place of opportunities, many big brands have the presence on its soil. Moreover, any kind of property investment in Zirakpur is safe as the returns are absolutely guaranteed on your capital either through rental returns or investment return.You might be a bit reluctant to invest in the real estate, which is quite natural. There are a few risks in real estate investment, so, as a beginner, you should opt for an established name like the Motia Group, one of thebest real estate developers Zirakpur. All these reasons and a few more that weren’t mentioned indicate only one thing, it’s a right call to invest in Zirakpur real estate.

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