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Mukul Bansal - Motia Group

Mukul Bansal

Born into a family of builders that have been in the profession for nearly 2 decades, Mukul Bansal has always been fascinated by the real estate industry. In 2016, he joined the family business after completing a Masters in Business Management from the prestigious London School of Business, with an aim to successfully leverage significant opportunities across the real estate spectrum, by being fully integrated and present in all verticals and horizontals that demonstrate potential. With inspiration from his father, Pawan Kumar Bansal, he keeps learning the new aspects of the real estate business along with his relevant grass root experience in various aspects of real estate business. Mukul’s decisiveness, unique style and attention to detail have been a hallmark of the Motia Group’s success.

Vicky Mittal - Motia Group

Vicky Mittal

With Vicky Mittal having joined the team, Motia Group's efforts have led the organization towards excellence. His business acumen and intellectual reasoning combined with fieldwork experience and backed up with exemplary skills through education have made him even stronger in their modus operandi. Having worked as a marketer to even real estate agents, he believes that no job is big or small as long as your heart is in it and this is what has kept him grounded and passionate about his work since the very start.

Yashu Mittal - Motia Group

Yashu Mittal

With a will to do something extra for the Industry and strive to achieve excellence in project management the youngster Yashu Mittal joined the family business after her Masters in Business Administration from Canada. Her passion for the Industry turned her to be a certified realtor from Canada. Her international exposure in the industry brings in a new thought process to business. Now she along with brigade of her cousins are geared up for the complete transformation of business. ‘Sky is the Limit’ Guided by strong principles and ethos looks forward for innovation and continuous improvement through participation of all.

Ankush Mittal - Motia group

Ankush Mittal

A lawyer by qualification and profession decided to join the family business to take it to newer heights. A silent but a keen observer of things holds the multi-dimensional responsibility of being the legal advisor and an able administrator when it comes to construction related activities. He has an ambition to raise the bar in the way people live, work and play while improving their quality of lives. Not only create dreams but he believes to drive and make them a reality.

Abhi Mittal - Motia Group

Abhi Mittal

Abhi Mittal comes from a family of visionaries with an aim to create architectural wonders. Working closely with his father, he gained much knowledge year on year. He currently looks into the construction and business development of the Motia Group with diversification initiatives. He is passionate and works with a motto of bringing in groundbreaking ideas which can transform the existing concepts and strengthen the company’s hold on the industry. He has a futuristic approach and working forward to merge contemporary standards and corporate strategies with modern-day innovations. He has faith in building on customer’s trust as an asset to the company by delivering best in class, quality, and excellence.

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